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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Streets of Seoul

After an unrestful evening of (waking up at 1:30, 3:30, 4:30--thinking it was time to get up) sleep that  must be associated with the time change,we finally got out and about for a second attempt to use the subway system--we managed to make our way over to the Dongdaemun market where they had a variety of things to look at.

We approached a shoe shop where I was successful in finding a great couple pair of shoes.  I only purchased one, thinking I would get back to it to purchase the other pair later.  As I looked up, I saw the most shoe shops that I have ever seen in my life--it was over a block long of just SHOES!! It was amazing and boy was I in heaven.  Due to my small feet, I knew that coming to Seoul had the added benefit of me having a good chance of buying shoes that would fit AND would be adult like. 

Jon was thankful to leave the shoe vortex and make for some landmarks and then on to some local Korean Barbeque.  It is remarkable how the crowds increased during the weekend.  The subways had standing room only, and we were stuffed into the subway cars like sardines.  The smell of Kimchee sweat was thick in the air.

At the Korean Barbeque, our first time ordering without help of the Aussies, we talked into the night surrounded by these remarkable Korean people. A loud drumming and chanting closed in on us from the open seating and we saw a long line of Korean Musicians dressed all in white hammering away at drums, carrying banners that later we found out identified the school they represented and their philosophy of excellence through persistence.  

Later it was on to a pub and then back to talk with our Australia friends. 

Our excitement is building as Tuesday approaches and Jaelee will stay with us as our daughter thereafter...more about our thoughts and feelings later.

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