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Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello from the Sargeants,
We thought that starting a blog would help our extended family to share this experience with us as we venture half way around the world to meet and bring home our little girl, Jaelee.   As I am a hopeless romantic with a flare for imagination and fantasy, I named our story, Quest for the Rose.

A Little History
Let me get you all up to speed.  During the romancing period in Rhonda's and my relationship, we talked extensively, especially about adoption.  At that time we wanted biological children as well, but were enamored by the notion that family was a state of mind.  So with the additional idea of helping a child in need, we kept tucked away in our hearts this philosophy and intent.

In 2008, we pushed to make this a reality by involving ourselves with Children's Home Society & Family Services.  After multiple classes on attachment, parenting and being a multicultural family, we were set to receive referrals from our unanimous international choice of South Korea.  
I would like to tell you that all went smoothly and without tears, but that isn't the real world.  Waiting was definitely the most difficult for all of us.  Every night when I would put Isabella to bed, she would ask:  "When am I going to be a big sister".  If that wasn't enough of a reminder, pictures were sent by the agency to show us this beautiful little girl.  All we wanted was to make her part of our family as soon as possible.

At the end of August we received the most important call of all our lives to date.  Jaelee was ready to fly!

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