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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Arrival in Seoul

We are officially here in Seoul, Korea!  After a short 14 hour flight, we arrived at 4pm on September 15th (which would be 2am your time). It was a 5 star airline, upon departure we were given headsets, slippers, and then right before it was time to eat, we were given hot towels to wash up.  Of course, Jon had opened the towel and placed in on his face (as if to simulate Adam Sandler in 'The Wedding Singer') and then proceeded to wash his hands.  After being on the plane for over 1/2 a day, we celebrated when the pilot told us we were beginning our final approach.

Talk about feeling out of our element when we arrived, it's hard to describe--it was a combination of the jet-lag and the unfamiliar environment in not being able to understand or read the language.  You should have watched us blunder with the Korean ATM!

We were thankful that we didn't have to navigate ourselves on the road, I do not believe we would have been able to find the agency.

Once we arrived at the Eastern Social Welfare Agency (6pm Seoul time, 4am USA time) we met two other couples.  They were back visiting the agency with much older children.  Both of the couples were from Australia, and they were a wealth of information.  We plan on celebrating with them tomorrow after our first meeting with little Jaelee.

Our new friends from down under suggested us visiting the local markets, Gyonqduk Palace, and the War Museum.  They also gave us some insider tips on how to be traditionally respectful and treat Jaelee's foster mom. 

As we begin to acclimate ourselves to not only the time change, but also the lay of the land, we will keep you updated.  As it is 11:25pm, we will have to bid you goodnight as we attempt to get some rest before the big day of our first 'play date' with Jaelee.

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