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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Prayer & Send off

As I'm sure all of you can imagine--neither of us slept well due to the anticipation of the big day.  As we awoke this morning, it's been nothing but a roller-coaster of emotions--anticipation, excitement, nervousness, delight, concerned, wonder, and joy to just name a few.  We paced, we cleaned, we began to pack, and we went to get a few basics from the store (yoghurt, water, etc).

We went to meet with the Social Worker at 3pm (1am your time) to finalize a few things, then off to spend a little short visit with Jaelee prior to the send off.  The ceremonial prayer by Dr. Kim began at 4pm.  It was wonderful (from what I can remember) and then it happened, the foster mother & father gave us her personal items: formula, picture album, clothing, and favorite toys. handed Jaelee over, and we all began to cry with joy and sadness.  

We began to walk back to the hostel and the rest was history.  We got lots of great pictures of this event thanks to one of the Australian couples (Charlie & Donna) who offered to take pics and video tape the prayer for us so we could stay focused on what was happening.

We brought her to the common area for all to see (this made her smile and helped with Jaelee's transition). 

So this may very well be our last blog until we return as we will be very busy the rest of this evening playing, crying, laughing, crying again, packing, and probably not getting much sleep this evening.   We will be off bright and early Wednesday at 8am to head off to the plane for our 11am flight. 

We'll see you all soon!!


  1. Tears of sadness for the foster parents of wonderful jaeless Rose and their loss of her in their lives, also the joy and anticipation of her arrival into our lives. Fly safe - Go with God G. Judy


  3. Love how perfectly Jaelee fits in your arms Rhonda. God bless you all and thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Hope to see you guys soon...can't wait to meet Jaelee.

  4. All I can say is how wonderful it all is! So happy for you!!

  5. Finally your family is together. Welcome home Jaelee Rose.