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Friday, September 23, 2011


We traveled back to the states without issue.  Jaelee was better than ever could have expected, especially considering all she had been through as well as having to endure a 14 hour flight to the United States.  She has become more and more comfortable with us with each passing moment, but she is still tentative/anxious when we leave the room. 

When we arrived at the airport in Minneapolis at 2:10pm with enough baggage to break a camel's back,  I had Jaelee in a back carrier, and all our extra carry-ons and luggage. We limped through our last airport and were greeted by Rhonda's mom Pat, her sister Brenda, but the first to run up to us was our daughter Isabella, wide eyed and smiling.  I bent down on one knee and turned to to my side saying to her, "wanta meet your baby sister?"  Soon we were surrounded by our family and a permanent smile played across my face, we were home.

Fatigue was abated by recanting our tale to our family as we drove to St. Cloud and our house by the Mississippi River.   Little Jaelee sat next her sister the whole way home, smiling.  Saying in the sweetest voice, "anyo" (big sister in Korean).  Isabella gave her a little doll and she went fast asleep on the ride to her new home.

Our last trial came as we lugged all our belongings into our house...the dog!  As most of you know, we have an overactive Yorkshire Terrier named Pippin.  Rhonda and I had talked quite often about our concern(s) over Jaelee's first meeting with this furry devil, but as yet another of a long list of surprises was granted to us.  Pippin was cautious of Jaelee and did not overwhelm her as he does to nearly everyone else.  It was as if he could sense she was someone special. 

So ends this chapter of what will be the start of a wonderful adventure.  Thanks to all who took the journey will us in prayer and spirit.  Special thanks to our Australian friends:  Miles & Shelly, Jack & Kate, Charlie & Donna, Peter & Jocelyn, Michael & Susan, Malcolm & Karen and all of your wonderful children for being like family when we were at the ESWS in Korea.  You represented Australia proper!

I will be adding more pictures and cleaning up my hasty words and typos of the past posts to make this a monumental story for our family and especially Jaelee.

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